Monday, June 05, 2006

Telepathy as a natural skill

The last post, about telepathy and Kabbalah, suggests that telepathy is not only a spiritual gift, but also a natural skill that can be developed through spiritual practice or refinement of the mind. It can be learned and taught. But the methods are closely held secrets. Only the most holy and learned men can discover or share these secrets, which they hold as a sacred trust. In no way can the practice of telepathy be separated from religious practice and the word of God.

As one might expect, the military and scientific community want to do away with all the religious mumbo-jumbo. They have a much more profane view of telepathy: they see it as a powerful tool or weapon. If it's a skill that can be taught, they want to extract the core of that teaching, reduce it to a set of drills, and forget the religious stuff. If it can be expressed in the terminology of computer science, all the better!

One finds exactly that attitude in the post at the link below, which purports to be a "Telepathy Seminar" held in Germany in the 1980s:

Most notable for our purpose is the matter-of-fact way in which the leader of the seminar claims that the "spy agencies" of the United States, Russia, and China are actively engaged in the use of telepathy as a weapon, against innocent civilians. The host claims that he wants to teach some basic telepathy skills to the audience so that they can learn to defend themselves. Telepathy is very clearly seen as a weapon of offense and defense, and only secondarily as a "neat" way to communicate and save on phone bills.

This is a far cry from the sacred or religious view of telepathy expressed in the previous post.

It may be ironic that the host of this seminar is speaking to an audience steeped in the "religion" of Scientology. Apparently, Scientologists claim to have mastered the mental skills of telepathy, but they simultaneously adopt the language and attitudes of computer technicians.

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