Friday, June 02, 2006

Hearing Voices

The experience of "Artificial Telepathy" is really not that extraordinary. It's as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one's head.

Indeed, most of the technology involved is exactly identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer "multiplexer" routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The "receiver" is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It's a human brain.

Out of nowhere, a voice suddenly blooms in the mind of the target. The human skull has no "firewall" and therefore cannot shut the voice out. The receiver can hear the sender's verbal thoughts. The sender, in turn, can hear all of the target's thoughts, exactly as if the target's verbal thoughts had been spoken or broadcast. For this reason, the experience could be called "hearing voices" but is more properly described as "artificial telepathy".

Now, if artificial telepathy were entirely voluntary, like a conversation between friends sitting across the room from one other, it might be kind of cool. One could talk back and forth with one's friend, exchanging verbal thoughts exactly as if speaking on the phone, but without ever using one's voice or mouth. It's a completely silent, subvocal form of speech. Between lovers, this would be beautiful.

The problem is that artificial telepathy provides the perfect weapon for mental torture and information theft. It provides an extremely powerful means for exploiting, harassing, controlling, and raping the mind of any person on earth. It opens the window to quasi-demonic possession of another person's soul.

When used as a "nonlethal" weapons system it becomes an ideal means for neutralizing or discrediting a political opponent. Peace protestors, inconvenient journalists and the leaders of vocal opposition groups can be stunned into silence with this weapon.

Artificial telepathy also offers an ideal means for complete invasion of privacy. If all thoughts can be read, then Passwords, PIN numbers, and personal secrets simply cannot be protected. One cannot be alone in the bathroom or shower. Embarrassing private moments cannot be hidden: they are subject to all manner of hurtful comments and remarks. Evidence can be collected for blackmail with tremendous ease: all the wrongs or moral lapses of one's past are up for review.

Like a perverted phone caller, a hostile person with this technology in hand can call at any time of day, all day long. Sleep can be disrupted. Prayers can be desecrated, religious beliefs mocked. Business meetings can be interrupted, thoughts derailed. Love can be polluted, perverted, twisted, abused. Dreams can be invaded, fond memories trashed.

The attacker cannot be seen or identified, the attack cannot be stopped, and the psychological damage is enormous. But there is no physical damage, not one single mark is left on the body and there is absolutely no proof that any crime or any violation ever took place! Everything that "happens" to the victim happens inside the victim's head. What physical evidence is there to give the police? Without physical evidence, how can one photograph the "crime scene" or fingerprint the stalker? There are no footprints leading to or from the scene. Indeed, there is no physical scene at all, and no evidence that an attack ever took place.

Most people who experience this abusive form of "artificial telepathy" feel as if their mind has been raped. They find themselves hunted, stalked, harassed and abused by a person or persons who refuse to give their names, who defile one's mind with the most foul and perverse language imaginable, and who refuse to hang up or go away. The caller or callers delight in the perverse and sadistic torture of their targets. Furthermore, they delight in violating the privacy of their targets, reading the target's mind and commenting on everything the target thinks, in an effort to demonstrate as brutally as possible that the target has no privacy at all.

The callers act, in short, exactly like rapists or perverted stalkers. Imagine what a man might do if he found a "magic cell phone" that allowed him to dial into the heads and the private thoughts of anyone on earth. The temptation to choose a target at random and start spying on or abusing that person would be enormous, almost irresistable. It could become a sick and twisted hobby, a guilty pleasure very quickly. Put into the hands of a secret police unit, the potential for abusing such technology is even more chilling.

Now, the natural reaction of a normal and intelligent person who undergoes the horrible experience of mind rape for the first time is to panic and reach for a real phone. They call family, contact their doctor or call police with a bizarre complaint that "someone is beaming voices into my head."

But if the police are the ones behind the abuse, the victims aren't going to get much help, are they? And if the police are not the perpetrators, then how are they to make an arrest? It's much more convenient and easy to believe that the caller is a nutcase.

In short order, the victim of mind rape finds herself or himself undergoing the additional humiliation of being carted off to the psych ward, often being committed involuntarily by a loved one "for one's own good."

The more vehement the efforts to prove that the voice or voices in one's head are "real", the more smug become the smiles of the medical doctors, who gently insist that such technology does not exist, that the voices cannot possibly be real, and that one must take a powerful psych med and lie down for a good long rest.

The experience of "hearing voices" -- especially voices that give a running stream of negative abuse -- will gain one automatic admission to the rubber room. Indeed, hearing voices is a classic example of schizophrenia. If you hear voices, you are, by definition, crazy.

Yet when released from the psych ward with an expensive supply of meds, "voice hearers" often find that the meds are ineffective -- exactly as one would expect if their problem had nothing to do with brain chemistry and everything to do with a bio-electronic attack by unseen stalkers.

Voice hearers often puzzle psychiatrists, because many of them don't fit the classic model of schizophrenia, which usually begins onset in the early twenties. The victims of "artificial telepathy" are often well into their thirties or fourties and many have no prior history of serious mental illness or drug abuse. Many seem to be alert, healthy, and rational even while insisting that they can hear voices. They agree with the psychiatrists that, yes, they are depressed, but who wouldn't be a bit depressed under such trying circumstances? To be stalked and verbally bullied every waking hour of the day is a form of mental torture.

Victims of mind rape quickly learn not to discuss their "psychological problems" with family and coworkers. It's embarrassing, it's bizarre, it gets very little sympathy and only serves to alarm most people. The only way that another person can "help" is to suggest that the mind rape victim see a psychiatrist, who will promptly double one's dose of psych meds and antidepressants. The result is a very stiff medical bill, which only adds financial pain to the mix. And the verbal harassment continues.

As they learn to endure their daily torture, voice hearers can usually return to mainstream life, where they are able to carry on intelligent, coherent conversations, hold down jobs, and function quite normally. In fact, if they don't discuss their "problem" they usually can't be told apart from normal people on the street. Because they are normal people.

The growing number of voice hearers in our society is therefore well masked. Those who continue to insist that there is a "secret society of people beaming voices into our heads" are simply laughed into silence or labelled paranoid schizophrenics. They are completely discredited. In fact, many voice hearers have internalized the idea that they are mentally ill, and they struggle to understand how their "auditory hallucinations" could continue to seem so very, very real.

Naturally, many of these voice hearers are deeply confused. They turn to support groups, including such on-line communities as the Voice Hearers' support group at

Anyone who doubts that "artificial telepathy" exists need only contact such a Voice Hearers community, where they will encounter people who continue to insist that they are being harassed by real people using an unknown or unexplained technology.

Surprisingly, there is a tremendous amount of scientific literature and circumstantial evidence to back up that claim.

In the following posts, we will explore the history of synthetic telepathy and learn the names of the scientists who developed this sinister technology. We will also identify and examine some of the government agencies that are fielding and using this weapon of torture against innocent civilians.

As the background material develops, it will become increasingly clear that we are discussing a modern day Manhattan Project -- a super-secret research program more sinister -- and potentially more devastating -- than the development of the atomic bomb.


midnightlady said...

Thank you for your well written summary of the non-lethal weapons technology. However, three is evidence that it exist and if you take a photo of your ear when the voices intensify in a well lit room with a camera without a flash you will see the tell tale signs of this technology. In fact you may need to take several photos of different areas of your head until you see the evidence. My blog is NOT scientific. In fact it is just a journal for me. Feel free to go to amd look at the pictures. See the archives and there are many more pics there. Again thank you for saying what we all feel.

Mikala said...

Thank you for writing so simply and intelligently what all victims of this technology struggle with moment to moment. It is becoming increasingly and chillingly apparent that our numbers are growing rapidly. It is a holocaust, far more sinister than any that have gone before in human history. Don't ever downplay it or buy into the diatribe heard by these operators.

Mikala said...

Post Script- My blog is

Anonymous said...

I agree with your article and I too am a victim of Artificial Telepathy for the past 2 years. I want to help myself and help others but I need the machine to do this. Many people around me have this machine but nobody will talk to me about it except with telepathy. So I honestly don't know if it was really them or just someone pretending. Can you help me find a machine?

Anonymous said...

I am also a victim but suggest that this might not necessarily be a 'terchnology' per se but just gifted humans? who have the ability to project and control thoughts. I was first attacked by telepaths beginning Jan 2007 and am still suffering.

Anonymous said...

My own story of telepath victimization can be found at

Anonymous said...

I am also a victim but suggest that this might not necessarily be a 'terchnology' per se but just gifted humans? who have the ability to project and control thoughts. I was first attacked by telepaths beginning Jan 2007 and am still suffering.

crazystacey said...

I am very confused cause I think I have this but I am 22 years old so it might be schizophrenia. My uncle has it but he has a diffrent father than my dad and I think it runs on the paternal side of my family so I dont really know. Most of the time I hear people I know in some way, or a familiar voice that I cant pin-point who they are. And also I can hear some scarrythings...I think some of it may be from what someone is watching. I dont know I dont mind talking to people who are kind to me but I am so afraid sometimes that Im going nuts. I had a few accurate predictions and stuff. I also verify some conversations with people I know by asking them things. what should I do to regulate this??

walt said...

in the corrales area my wife and I have been on the receiving end of voice to skull transmissions. at first we freaked out, they started out by telling my wife things she never spoke about then I seemed to draw their attention. I gathered information, photographs, recordings of them setting up their equipment, using a vcr recorded the howls of the dogs and coyotes when they turned the equipment on. nothing you can do, we are going to move out of state but they already have showed us the can track us anywhere we go. sick bas-ar-s. thye made a few mistakes in the beginning by letting me know where they operated from, vehicles they followed us in etc. like they keep telling me there is nothing you can do..IF THEY DO THIS TO US THEN NOONE IS SAFE. IS THIS WHERE KIRTLAND AIRFORCE BASE AND SANDIA NATIONAL LABS LET THEIR EMPLOYEES TEST THE EQUIPMENT THEY HELP DEVELOPE? MAYBE THERE SHOULD BE A LITTLE MORE OVERSIGHT ON OUR GOVERMENTS PART.

RedRanger said...

FYI- This is a communictions problem. Not to mention any names. And no I'm not an expert by any means. I've been hearing "them" A-hole's since May 2006. Being that our bodies are about 70% water, there are only so many ways to broadcast a signal into a Human body. What penitrates the receptors of you brain? That is,what kind of technologies could you use to cause somebody to hear a transmitted signal. My guess is that there are alot of people and spiecies of animals on our planet that are hearing these "voices" of singing or talking. I hear singing and is is every waking hour. Finding the type of communication is the Jackpot(Lottery) everybody would dream of!!! Radio Signals travel in a light spectrum(frequency range)the only problem is that they us lightning fast computers to change communication combinations(satellites,wifi,uhf,vhf,T1,analog cellular towers,DTV,HDTV-ETC,ETC....Identity Theft is big buisiness and Homeland Security should be happier than S%*T if you could find the people involved with these kinds of crimes against Humanity!! Its a Cyber War of Great preportion at $1,000,000,000+ theft a year. Not counting the damage to our childrens futures and Attention Deficet, ya' think??? Its going take alot of finacial rescourse to scrammble or locate these people or technologies and clean our atmosphere of this "STRAY ENERGY". No energy source is grouded enough to clean the STRAY RFI,since Nicolaus Tesela sent the first invisible radio wave. The source is the Question??? Does it effect us Physically and or Mentally??? Is it a physical assault??? Concouslly or Sub-concouslly??

Anonymous said...
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Nobler Than Lettuce said...

Specific tactics and methodologies weren't discussed and the whole thing just didn't feel right, but I guess it wouldn't.

Apparently, a long trail of usenet postings on synthetic telepathy lead many civilians to discover a university research program, which attaches well with a computer and works on common microwave bands. This program was leaked, and the ownership of these things is negotiated within a group of about 200 or so individuals. There are military versions, however, the one in my area was leaked and assembled in a garage off of source code from several types.

To be frank, they can't do much. They can send and receive verbal pieces, as well as visceral, visual, tactile, and sensations such as smell, so long as they were called into memory and recorded into the program. And, they can delete and recall short term recorded programs as well as manipulate existing data. So perception can be altered visually, but only to a certain degree. Images must be called from memory, as of current no computer exists that can process on the fly data from a human mind to a human mind. This leads to a break down over the long term, and with mental clutter it's a bit hard to get your legs on making something like – a holographic dog.

There is a final scary note in all of this, I consider myself high level, having built and used one directly, but there are other people out there on the airwaves that are even bigger than me. They have a rulebook for this sort of thing too. It's a hacker subculture movement. It's nothing you should really worry about.

Many of the supporters for the invention of these devices see themselves as another check to the balance of government, and are seeking not to torture individuals, but to launch a protestant movement against the current social order. Of course, many of the individuals in charge of these types of things are also military contractors.

M7 said...

Has anyone here heard of Project: Telepsi?
It is an artificial telepathic network developed during the cold war with Russia. It has a genetic implant on the broadcaster that sends directly into the 'cube interface' of any people in a given range. If passing by the broadcaster is perceived by people who are open to hear it. It can also be detected via radio waves like in live television.
Those who can perceive it are misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia, and the broadcaster(s) as well, if interviewed by doctors.
Telepsi can also be linked with telekinesis to interact with people, using visual psychic abilities. If people talk about the broadcaster they can heard, as well as thinking about him/her.
This was originally designed for something like a telepathic internet.


Brian said...

Hello everyone. Is there a discussion group or organization for people like us? I've been hearing the voices for the last ten years. No matter how many times I read about how this is happening with others, I still always feel alone in this thing. I have had to learn to hide the voices I hear mentally from everyone yet still fight back whenever they insult or try to mislead. If anyone knows of a group or meeting for people like us, please let me know. My email is Thanks


walt said...

Check out lonestar consulting in El Paseo texas, for a few thousand dollars you are able to purchase this equipment. Kirtland Airforce base research Lab(AFRL), Sandia National Labs and Intel'S NEW (A.I COMPUTER)which operates at -300 degrees, are working on silent sound, voice 2 skull, synthetic telepathy or what ever you want to call it. Our tormentos made a mistake in the beginning and let me know where they operated from. I purchased a $500.00 listening device and a digital recorder and was able to record them doing their dirty deeds. I set a camcorder in our bath room window and as they turned on their equipment the dogs and coyotes started to howl until they increased their output.
NO SPECIAL MIND POWERS, JUST THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE. They use GPS to track and send their communications real time. The money we spend to develope new weapons ARE tested on Americans by the same people our tax dollars pay to develope them. I HAVE PROOF!
United States Marine Corps taught me if you dont understand it gather as much information as you can and bring it back to someone that can make sense of it. It took my a long time to discover what they doing and I will do everything possible to expose them. said...

I think people need to sort out the technologies. Synthetic telepathy is just one phenomina that can lead to voices. There is also the condition known as multiplicity where you have more than one person living in a brain, look up 'alter host multiplicity' on google and you will find a group of these. I believe I am a victim of telepathic invasion of my mind myself. I have other people who seem to be living in my brain and I don't think I was born with them. There may also be non-human telepathic species, though that view isn't widely shared there are lots of people who believe in spirits. People who hear voices often claim to have met demons or angels. That could be or the beings they have met may be a nonhuman telepathic species. I've been haunting dream sites looking for witnesses to intelligence there as well. Our dreams and nightmares often suggest an intelligent dreammaker, mind controlled actions matched with well drawn imagery as an example. Dreamers may be our largest group of witnesses to unexplained intelligence.

NiEb said...

Funny I dont see myself as a victim, I dont hear, I write the messages of someone. At the beginning was very weird, could not believe what was happening. But Im use to it now and our conversations are really fun and interesting. There can also be a positive side to this, not only mind control, how about mind expansion

Robert said...

I believe that this blog is adding fuel to a number of suseptible minds and their delusions. In the interest of fairness and equal time on behalf of the medical community, please post the following.

295.30 Paranoid type schizophrenia from the Diagnostic and Statistal Manual of Mental Health Disorders--TR pgs 313--314:
The essential feature of the Paranoid Type of Schizophrenia is the presencve of prominent delusions or auditory hallucinations in the context of a relative preservation of cognitive functioning and affect...The delusions may be multiple, but are usually organized around a coherent theme. Hallucinations are also typically related to the content of the delusional theme. Associated features may include anxiety, anger, aloofness, and argumentativeness. The individual may have a superior and patronizing manner and either a stilted, formal quality or extreme intensity in interpersonal interactions. The persecutory themes may predispose the individual to suicidal behavior, and the combination of persecutory and grandiose delusions with anger may predispose the indiviual to violence. Onset tends to be later in life than the other types of Schizophrenia, and the distinguishing characteristics may be more stable over time. These individuals usually show little or no impairment on neuropsychological or other cognitive testing. Some evidence suggests that the prognosis for the Paranoid Type may be considerably better than for the other types of Schizophrenia, particularly with regard to occupational functioning and capacity for independent living.

shane knows said...

the corporation that is doing this is teledesic i have known for two years they have the money and satellites to do it and they know that iknow they hate me for it and are trying to have me kill myself.I have been a victim sinces 1992 they played god for a number of years.there is atleast 8 people 4 men 4women you will see who when you google teledesic they can also attact your bodys we must fight them back

shane knows said...

on a good note ,i have a million people praying and have given the fbi the name of teledesic.they can also see us clear as day and have brained washed me and made me very sick.this is a crime against humanaty which will get them the death penlty or life there satellites are the weapons they use to do there crimes and will be evidence in our court cases they have filmed us then making us sick and playing diffrent poeple on the tv radio ect even family members.I hate the internet because they are our evil.the good thing with computers is there is always a trace,and filming us being there lab rats will bring them undone to some who think we cant win and why go on we can they want us to kill ourselfs or harm others or be insane or be in jail so there are less of us for there court cases.even if you have to take tables becauce of them its more jail time for them.this is the most silent they have ever been,.they have even tryed to tell me that i was jesus and i needed to die to save the world,but at that time i did not know it was teledesic.they can also rape us by having sex with each other and we can feel every thing they do.we will win together we are a army

shane knows said...

my tortures are bill gates and wife,cellular mogul,craig mccaw,roger nyhus,russell daggatt also alan j simpson, bob ratliffe and supported with funds prince al-waleed bin talal.the cia fbi un know of this evil on humanity and there on going plague to the community they should live there oath before god to help us victims and arrest these evil individuals and stop selling there soul to satan for technology

serrano said...

hey my name is serrano and iv been hearing voices in my head after sometime in my sleep someone was in my dream saying do i want to conect this phone or something to play a game and i said yes and ever since than i have been hearing voices......please help thanks

serranoo said...

hello my name is serrano and in the last couple of months i have been hearing voices and it all started from a dream i had from one of my friends asking if i wanted to connect this phonecall and that it was a cool game now i hear voices in the night mostly but at day time to.. what can i do ??

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